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 The Consultancy Session represents the initial and pivotal stage in securing legal assistance. It serves as a cornerstone for delving into the client's concerns and inquiries.


 Throughout this session, clients can anticipate receiving answers to their pressing questions regarding their case, a comprehensive explanation of their rights and obligations under the law, and a clear, straightforward overview of the potential outcomes.

 In cases where the consultation pertains to purchasing procedures, such as acquisitions of properties offered for sale through judicial auctions or by public administration (e.g., one-euro homes), clients will receive a detailed briefing. This will furnish them with the necessary information and guidance to conduct thorough independent research and to make well-informed decisions.


 Once the case has been accepted, the client is required to provide us with a concise overview of the situation, outlining their top 3 or 4 objectives/main concerns and any key questions they may have.


 Additionally, they are requested to attach any pertinent documents for our initial review. Subsequently, we will meticulously study the case and documents before scheduling the consultation. For this reason the consultancy session is the only service requiring full payment in advance.


 Similar to our other legal services, the costs associated with the consultancy session vary depending on the complexity and value of the case. We can tailor the fee to match the specific requirements of the case, utilizing certain value thresholds as a guideline.


 Presently, the minimum consultancy fee stands at € 597.00 for cases categorized as Low Complexity or those valued up to 250,000 euros. For Medium Complexity cases or those valued up to 850,000 euros, the fee is set at €1,000.00, while for High Complexity cases or those exceeding the value of 850,000 euros, the starting fee is € 1,700.00.


 While fees can be customized, they are determined within the parameters mentioned above and are always communicated to the client in advance.

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